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Ryan Wright  - Jan 2020

Karen is awesome.  We placed an order for grocery delivery and it was perfect.  She was professional, communicative, and prompt.  we will definitely be using this service from now on.


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Kym Harness  - Jan 2020

My family have been visiting Telluride winter and summer for as long as I can remember, and we are a big crew.  A few years back I found Karen's oxygen rental business for my parents, and that has worked a dream, our whole family use it.  This winter Karen let us know about adding her grocery delivery service.  We tried it, and we loved walking in to our condo to find food in the fridge and so on.  Highly recommend Karen for grocery and oxygen.

This is an honest, diligent and reliable service.  Karen is English, 15 year Telluride local who knows the flow of Telluride and Mountain Village. 

Grocery Delivery Service.

Currently two grocery stores serve Telluride and Mountain Village!  On any given day checkouts are congested.  Telluride's population bursts at the seams during ski season / summer season and festivals. Grocery shopping is miserable! You face picked over produce and time exhausting lines at checkout.  Bypass this headache, for best value place your order ahead of arrival, same day is accommodated too.  Write your list email to Karen - it couldn't be easier. Karen shops, delivers to your fridge/counter.  Your receipts are kept separate from other clients. Call 970 708 7424 or email

$45 +20% of Receipts

Same Day $75 +20% Receipts 

(inc 3.5% for credit card processing)

Wines, Beers and Spirits purchased with white glove

$45 +20% of Receipts 

Same Day $75 +20% of Receipts

(inc 3.5% for credit card processing)

Cheese boards, Platters, Catered orders delivered from local store and or/caterers to your location.

$45 + 20% of Receipts 

Same Day $75 + 20% of Receipts

(inc 3.5% for credit card processing)

BOOST Canned Oxygen.

PLAIN - best for clients contra-indicated to Aromatherapy.

PEPPERMINT - great for stomach sickness relief.

MENTHOL - soothes nose and throat.

GRAPEFRUIT - eases muscle aches.

THINK TANK - clears foggy head.

LARGE - | Plain | Peppermint | Menthol | Grapefruit | $21.74 

MEDIUM - | Plain | Peppermint | Menthol | Grapefruit | Sage | $16.30

SMALL - | Plain | Peppermint | Menthol | Grapefruit | $10.87

Delivery service $45 | FREE Delivery with other delivery services

Absolutely Oxygen Telluride llc.

Telluride region's ONLY Licensed, Medical Industry Insured, Philips Medical Respironics Approved Oxygen equipment supply company. Don't risk your well being to anyone offering less! This, and over 100 online 5 Star reviews tells you much about the people you do business with, and assures you of quality equipment with unmatched service. .

For short term rental services clients do not need a prescription. 

With Prescription you are eligible to purchase Respironics Oxygen Concentrators for personal home use. AOT carries the entire Respironics range of oxygen concentrators.  

Need a Nebulizer?  Spacer for Inhaler? CPAP Connection?  

970 708 8998



Since 1965 Thalgo Marine have harvested oceans, researching algae to develop the worlds finest marine skin care, facial and body treatments PERFECT for altitude conditions.

Healthy Glow Face & Body offer a complete range of quality retail home care products.

Delivery service $45 | FREE Delivery other delivery services |

970 708 7424

Healthy Glow Face & Body llc

Avoid the big spa 'conveyor belt'.  Call Telluride's consistently best FIVE Star reviewed Spa Therapist for an unmatched experience.   Downtown central location on Main Street at 100 W.Colorado Avenue, Suite 231, Telluride.  Call 970 708 7424 to schedule.

Flowers, Gifts & Wrapping

Flower Delivery - $45

Greeting|Gift Card|Wrapping service

Business Services

- Limo & Shuttle Transport Scheduling

- Corporate Event Planning

- Fax Services

- Printing - Copying - Drafts

- USPS - Fedex - UPS collection from/despatch to Service 

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